Our staff

  • Rev. Steve and Sis Pat Blaylock

    Here at FPC Columbus we love our Pastor and his wife!
    They have faithfully and tirelessly served our church family for the past 19 years.

    Pastor Blaylock is a fun loving and easy going person with a love for people and a passion for reaching his city. These traits are made obvious by the very nature of FPC itself. With an ever present smile and the ability to help even the most heartbroken person find joy; Pastor Blaylock is a true demonstration of God's love working in man.

    Ask any one of our members, we have the best Pastor and Pastor's Wife in the world!

  • Bro. Craig and Sis. Lanita Blaylock

    Bro Craig and Sis Lanita Blaylock have four beautiful children: Maddox, Khloe, Jaylen, and Chapel .

    Bro Craig  and Sis Lanita have served in Student Ministry for over 10 years and also serve as the Director of Campus Ministry International in the State of Mississippi. They strive to reach today's generation by communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that young people can identify with and can be changed by.
    Sis Lanita also serves on the Ladies Ministries team.

  • Bro. Sterling and Sis. Misty McCool

    Bro Sterling and Sis Misty McCool have a miraculous baby boy name Jereson who captures the heart of everyone he meets.

    Bro Sterling serves as the Minister in Music as well as the Church Secretary while Sis Misty McCool serves on the Lady's Ministries team. When it comes to people who love God with all their hearts, minds and strength there are none greater than the McCool family!